Genre: R&B, Americana, Folk, Rock

Sounds like: Little Feat, Steely Dan, Elvis Costello

The Good Top Tiered writing and playing 

The Bad Nothing to report

The Ugly Nothing to Report

The Band 5 out of 5

The Music 4 out of 5

The Songs 4 out of 5

The Vibe 5 out of 5

The Production 3 out of 5

The Verdict 4 out of 5




The Artist I recently checked out the latest EP from North Carolina based Will McBride Group released in 2012. EP was produced by Grammy-nominated producer John Custer (Corrosion of Conformity, DAG, Cry of Love). Their last CD Trifecta was released in 2009.


The band McBride brings to the table many impressive players and plays guitar and sings. I would say McBride and his group possess above average to advanced playing abilities with respect to this genera. You will find many impressive chops along the way. Timing is spot on within the style of music. McBride can hold his own on vocals and has a vocal style reminiscent of Donald Fagan (Steely Dan) and and John Maher. But more importantly they just let's it all hang out musically and is are not trying to be anybody but themselves musically. Vocals from McBride are executed well, and in many ways the strongpoint part of the production. The music possesses a classic Jazz, Bluesy, late 70's Rock type stigma. All in all great music to eat a Sunday morning brunch to. Definitely classic Rock Jazz and R&B that will remind you of classic Steely Dan, Little Feat and Elvis Costello. The songs Simply put - all songs are incredible. There’s nothing like a solid musical production to get wrapped around – and this is one of them. I kept waiting for a weak song to come down the pike - I eventually gave up on that. The vibe Overall very upbeat, positive, witty, sarcastically funny.  I get the impression McBride and company had fun making this record. The production a solid sounding production with solid low end feel and high end clarity. The good Honorable mentions go out to the amazing "good vibe" you get from the production. Like a drug this CD pulls you in & when it's over you want to do it all over again. Folks out there who enjoy all the above mentioned bands will fall head over heals over Will McBride Group. The bad Nothing to report. The ugly Nothing to report.


The verdict 3PLAY by the Will McBride Group has everything: good playing, fun songs, amazing tongue and cheek wit and music that covers all the bases – Jazz, Pop-Fusion, R&B, Funk, Rock and Classic Rock. The Bottom Line This band has star quality and is a force to be reckoned with musically. I can't wait to hear what the full length release has in store. 

Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic





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