Genre: Rock, Punk, Alternative Rock

Sounds like: No Doubt, Pink, Paramore

The Good Marketability, Feel Good Vibe 

The Bad None

The Ugly None

The Band 4 out of 5

The Music 4 out of 5

The Songs 5 out of 5

The Vibe 5 out of 5

The Production 5 out of 5

The Verdict 5 out of 5








The Artist I recently checked out the latest release from Southern California 4 piece The Good Evol. This band is headed up by energetic front woman Natalia Bartolotti. The CD is entitled Butterfly Crush and was released in 2011. 


The band Bartolotti and company bring to the table some impressive playing. I would say this band clearly possesses above average playing and above average writing abilities. You will find many impressive chops and a slamming playing style presented along the way. Timing is spot on within the rock genera. Bartolotti definitely holds her own remarkably on vocals & definitely brings the whole project together. The music possesses a very marketable Alternative Rock sound that in unique despite this. Some pieces even cross the line into Punk Rock and Power Pop. All in all great music to crash a late night party to. Music is timeless, very upbeat, emotional and easy to grove to. It will remind you of classic No Doubt, Paramore and even Pink The songs Simply put - all songs are well rounded with amazing highs. There’s nothing like a good musical production to fill your sonic space,  this is definitely one of them. Simply put, very much like life itself this CD personifies the human experience, with music that are 100% honest, pure and genuine. The production professional grade from start to finish with crystal clear recording quality. There's not many songs you can listen to time & time again. The good Overall & remarkably consistent, well rounded musical production. Honorable mentions go out to the remarkable vocal presence of Natalia Bartolotti and to the rest of the band. The bad Nothing to report. The ugly Nothing to report. 


The verdict The Butterfly Crush by The Good Evol is an impressive collection of music. Natalia Bartolotti has star quality and is a marquee talent within this band. Her musical personality shines with a rare brilliance comparable to a priceless gem. It clearly sets a standard within this marketable genre & the more you listen to it, the more it will reveal itself to you. Folks who want a catchy punk rock sound will love this release. It's quite marketable in that respect. The Bottom Line This CD is freaking out of control - in a good way.  Every now & then it's an absolute pleasure to jump head first into the pool. - naked and drunk. Need I say more


Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic





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