Genre: Alternative Rock, Pop Rock

Sounds like: Jimmy Buffet, Jack Johnson

The Good World Class Songwriting, Vibe 

The Bad Short CD

The Ugly Nothing to Report

The Band 5 out of 5

The Music 5 out of 5

The Songs 5 out of 5

The Vibe 5 out of 5

The Production 4 out of 5

The Verdict 4 out of 5








The Artist I recently checked out the latest CD from New York based singer-songwriter Peter Galperin entitled Perfect World Today (2010). Galperin is no stranger to the music business, as an accomplished writer he has synched his music into many TV and Films soundtracks over the years.


The band The playing abilities of Galperin are pretty solid across the board. I would say he possess advanced playing abilities and elite writing skills. There are no liner notes so I assume all the playing and production work is to Gakperin's credit. Timing seems to be spot on within the catchy Alternative Rock, Pop Rock grooves. Galperin's voice is very effective as he delivers many solid vocal performances that match this style of music perfectly. Song for song his voice is very appealing, unique and emotional. The music Upbeat, funny, interesting, thought provoking, melodic, passionate and extremely entertaining. Musical textures reminiscent of They Might Be Giants, Jack Johnson but with an undeniable Caribbean aftertaste reminiscent of say a Jiffy Buffet. If you like those kinds of artists you will no doubt get a kick out of this CD. The songs One word - amazing. Let me go on record to say Galperin is a very gifted storyteller. He almost reminds me of a undiscovered Danny Elfman. His perspective as a writer when it comes to relating to the everyday listener goes beyond brilliant. All songs are very simple yet effective, conservative, highly original and straight from the heart. It strikes the prefect balance between Alternative Rock and upbeat quirky pop that is interestingly eccentric. Galperin is clearly being himself as a songwriter and this is what comes out of the other end. My favorite song on the CD is "Wonders of the World" The vibe Great vibe. Upbeat and positive. Perfect for late night college parties, coffeehouses, or even magazine shops. The production delivers a lot of musical variety. Galperin is not trying to be some popish artist striving for mass appeal. Heís just being himself. The CD refuses to try to hard and thatís what makes it so amazing The good Very likeable record Ė amazing songs, solid playing and writing. Fun to listen to. Galpering is a master songwriter and has a producers touch and feel. The bad It's s fair this CD is a bit short. A few more songs would make this one of the best full length releases I've heard in a long while. The ugly Nothing to report.


The verdict Perfect World Today by Peter Galperin is an amazing CD. The songwriting is clearly World Class. The production gets itís point across with a wide variety of instrumentation and feel good grooves  The most amazing thing about this CD is Galperins' brilliant perspective as a storyteller, songwriter and producer. The song for song vibe via Galperin's amazing charm, touch, vocal personality and vocal presence are to die for. Heís clearly a premier talent and one would be wise to keep a watchful eye on him over the next several years.

Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic





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