Genre: Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock

Sounds like: Joe Satriani on steroids

The Good Top flight musicianship 

The Bad Stuck in the 80''s

The Ugly Modernize your sound

The Band 4 out of 5

The Music 3 out of 5

The Songs 4 out of 5

The Vibe 4 out of 5

The Production 3 out of 5

The Verdict 3.5 out of 5





The Artist I recently checked out the latest CD from guitar wizard Michael Shouse entitled Alone on the Sun. Turns out Shouse comes to us from Lexington, Kentucky.  He is one of those composers out there that is instrument oriented Ė in his case the guitar. As to be expected the guitar is the focal point of this music.


The band Standard 4 piece line-up which includes Shouse of guitar, Gene Booth on vocals & a barrage of session players. I would say he possesses above average to advanced rock playing abilities.  Make no bones about it folks Shouse is a shredder delivering amazing guitar rhythms & solo guitar work that breaks the sound barrier. Timing is spot on within the hard rock grooves. Vocals from Booth are rock solid. The music possesses a heavy metal to hard rock stigma. All in all great workout music. Definitely high adrenalin rock with a late eighties, early nineties flair. The songs All pieces are progressive & dynamic delivering aggressive guitar attack against solid low end rock rhythms. The vibe Overall dark, powerful, loud  & at times explosive. Simply put  - music that is in your face & full of musical curve balls & cool off time signatures type stuff. The production is professional grade, though I gave Shouse a low mark here because it feels like it was released in 1988 or 1995. Though I liked it, this CD is not the most marketable record  I've ever heard. The good Honorable mentions go out to the above average playing abilities from Mr. Shouse & Company. Guitar enthusiast & gear heads will not only love the Mach 4 speeds, but the technically savvy playing of all the members involved. The bad CD sounds like itís stuck in the 80ís with a Hair Metal vibe that just isn't as popular as it used to be. There are powerful bands out there nowadays who have made the successful transition. The ugly Souse should consider doing the same & modernizing his sound a bit for the next CD. 


The verdict From beginning to end Alone on the Sun will not only keep you on the edge of you seat, but will melt your face off in the process The Bottom Line If you need high octane music to work out to - look no further.


Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic




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