Genre: Pop Rock, Alternative Rock, Light Rock

Sounds like: Gin Blossoms, John Maher 

The Good Top flight musical production

The Bad Nothing to Report

The Ugly Nothing to Report

The Band 4 out of 5

The Music 5 out of 5

The Songs 5 out of 5

The Vibe 5 out of 5

The Production 5 out of 5

The Verdict 5 out of 5





The Artist I recently checked out the latest EP from Toronto native Matthew Genovese entitled Change. Turns out that after spending several years at Berklee College studying musical theory, Genovese eventually found himself in Los Angeles to pursue a career in music.   


The Band Line up includes: Genovese, on lead & back-up vocals, electric & acoustic guitars, Randy Cooke on drums, & Justin Gray on bass & keyboards. I would say this band possesses above average to advanced playing abilities with respect to the genre. Timing is spot on. Genovese more than holds his own on the guitar & vocals. These 2 musical weapons can be a force to be reckoned with. I might add he's a good looking lad who also wrote all this music. Need I say more? The music possesses a very solid, polished pop rock feel that goes down clean. Will remind you of classic Gin Blossoms, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, Sugar Ray, Jason Mraz, etc. The Songs Simply put - well crafted melodies that hold your attention. The presentation of the songs showcases Genovese talents perfectly. The EP definitely makes the case that Genovese has a lot of talent & X-Factor. The Vibe All in all upbeat, sing songy type grooves that will lift your spirits without even trying. The Production Extremely high end very polished production possessing solid low end grooves & amazing high end touches. For Genovese the work has clearly paid off because this is one of the polished sounding productions that has come across my desk this year. Overall this EP has some amazing moments that will get the toe tapping. The Good Honourable mentions go out to the amazing playing, writing & singing abilities of Genovese. He is a premier talent & should be treated as such. Bravo  to Genovese for actually studying music before pursuing a career, as opposed to all the other artists out there who have no clue about music theory. Folks who enjoy all the above mentioned bands will fall head over heels with this EP no doubt. The Bad Nothing to report. The Ugly Give this guy a record deal already!


The Verdict Changes by Matthew Genovese is a world class musical production from start to finish. The dudes will dig him, the chicks will love him & everyone else will simply enjoy him. The Bottom Line If you’re looking for an upbeat musical statement with amazing songs sung by a talented and good looking young Baritone - look no further. 


Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic





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