SHARKTANK PR Plan Most artists are really good at putting out music, playing some live shows, & developing a My Space or Facebook page. But what's left after that? Beyond that most independent artists don't have a firm grasp on how to take advantage of some of the powerful marketing tools at their disposal. Releasing a CD is important yes, but without an effective follow through PR Campaign chances are you will never get the recognition you deserve. Years can pass without realizing your full potential & in this case "inaction" can be the biggest mistake you can make. Don't let this happen to you. SHARKTANK E-Book is a highly detailed 30 step comprehensive plan combining aggressive Marketing Exposure with Prime Time Radio Distribution. This plan is designed to get you & your music noticed by not only more fans, but prominent Music Professionals as well. Weather you're in the market for a record deal, or just trying to make the most of things Independently, SHARKTANK can help you do both by putting it all in perspective for you - the hard working Independent Artist. Don't go it alone!, get the SHARKTANK E-Book strategy today. . 


"Sharktank covers it all"


- Mark the Shark -






 Below are just some of the items covered in the SHARKTANK E-Book.


- Prime Time Radio Distribution & Exposure

- CD Consignment Strategy

- CD Review Distribution

- Internet Radio Distribution

- Record Label Distribution

- A&R Representative Distribution

- Exposure of your music into TV, Movies or Feature Film

- EPK & "1" Sheet Development

- Exposure to Top Booking & Touring Agencies around the US

- Social Networking

- How to set up your own Regional Tour

- URL Design

- Internet Presence & Search Engine Optimization

- Inside access to thousands of paying gigs a year

- Legal Contracts & Templates





Most Music PR Firms charge thousands of dollars for this kind of service & exposure. INDIESHARK President Markus will personally walk you through each phase of the Upgrade until completed.







I will send you the Sharktank E-Book & personally walk you through all phases until complete.

Price $100.00 USD








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