Genre: Progressive Techno

Sounds like: Drum Dynasty

The Good Musical Variety 

The Bad Lopsided catalogue (time)

The Ugly Nothing to Report

The Band 5 out of 5

The Music 5 out of 5

The Songs 4.5 out of 5

The Vibe 5 out of 5

The Production 5 out of 5

The Verdict 5 out of 5






The Artist I recently checked out the debut CD from Drum Dynasty. Drum Dynasty is a music project based out of Seattle, Washington fronted by local drummer Bruce Burgess & his team of musicians. This double CD contains 2 separate albums. Disk I - Mystic Sunrise features music from the middle east, while Disk II - Dark Continent is primarily centered around African rhythms & melodies. The double CD set delivers over 1.5 hours of musical enjoyment via it's 30 track collection.


The band Burgess plays the drums (acoustic & electronic) with Marco Zonka & Arturo Rodriguez on percussion, film composer Kevin Christensen delivers musical score. Zonka is listed as percussionist "East" while Rodriguez is listed a percussionist "West " Pretty cool concept delivering a 2 pronged playing style. As to be expected you will find impressive drum rhythms & compelling melodies. Timing is spot on within the genera. Burgess & company are obviously elite drummers. The music possesses much in the way of theatrics & it will entertain you the entire time. Music is in the vein of Progressive Techno. heavy on the drum side. Fascinating music to wrap your head around, especially during  long drives or even during Yoga. The songs Simply put compelling, very progressive in nature & in the format of a musical journey. This didn't occur to me until halfway through Mystic Sunrise - I suddenly realized I was on a journey of sorts. It's safe to say Drum Dynasty elevated my state of consciousness as a listener. Some of the rhythms are easy to follow while others deliver odd time signatures. Favorite tracks are Karma, Middle Passage, Santeria, & Fanga Alyfyia & Sandstorm. I enjoyed Dark Continent a bit more than Mystic Sunrise. The vibe Overall very technical & progressive. Has both dark & bright moments. The production professional grade from start to finish. Amazing low end punch, & crystal clear hi end clarity. The good Honorable mentions go out to the amazing musicianship of Bruce Burgers & company. Solid production team Cyrus Rhodes (Producer) Sam Hofstedt (Mixer) Rick Fisher (Master). I might add Burgess & Rhodes are in a local metal band together This CD is not over the top drum wise either. Strikes the perfect balance between good drumming & solid melodies. The bad Some of the songs on Mystic Sunrise drag on a bit, while some of the songs on Dark Continent are a bit short. The ugly Nothing to report.   

The verdict The debut Drum Dynasty CD by Bruce Burgess & company is an amazing body of work. You can buy the 2 disk set for about 10 bucks online. What's even more impressive is the 1.5 hours of music you get in return. The Bottom Line These players are not trying to prove how good they are, instead they are playing their instruments the way they are meant to be played. So sit back, relax & see where this journey takes you. If you approach Drum Dynasty like this it will not only open your eyes, it may even transcend space & time. In all my years of listening to music I've never had a CD do that. Amazing.

Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic





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