Genre: Alternative Rock, Folk, Rock,

Sounds like: Neil Young, Bob Dylan

The Good Amazing  Theme, Songwriting 

The Bad Nothing to Report

The Ugly Nothing to report

The Band 5 out of 5

The Music 4 out of 5

The Songs 5 out of 5

The Vibe 5 out of 5

The Production 5 out of 5

The Verdict 5 out of 5





The Artist I recently checked out the latest debut EP release from Nashville, Tennessee  based "Cooper the Band" entitled Kings. The band is headed up by Cooper Brown himself and the theme of the EP is based on the classic Biblical tale of the life of David. 


The band The playing abilities of Cooper Brown and company are spot on. I would say they possesses intermediate playing abilities with advanced songwriting skills. Timing seems to be spot on within the Alternative Folk grooves. Vocal abilities from both Cooper Brown and Kendall Young work well within the confines of the catalogue as they both manage to bring their best ear candy to the table. Together they  make a great vocal pairing. I especially like how much of the material matches both duet-style and non-duet style format. This approach works and mixes up the catalogue well. The music The music possesses an earthy, folk alternative rock edge that is highly captivating and uplifting. Lyrical content is very passionate and is very entertaining overall. The songs All pieces strike the prefect balance between Alternative Rock, and earthy Folk-Rock. The songs are fun, entertaining, marketable and captivating The vibe simply put - this CD possesses a gold standard vibe that is captivating, and compelling - almost like reading an open book. This is Bob Dylan meets Neil Young. The production is professional grade from start to finish. The good Honorable mentions go out to Cooper Brown for sharing this amazing Biblical story with us. Not in a cheesy way, but in a way that is 100% pure and genuine. Brown and company are not trying to be some popish artist striving for mass appeal, instead they are clearly just being themselves. My favorite track on the CD is "Stay, Don't Go" The bad Nothing to report. The ugly Nothing to report.


The verdict If there was one phrase I would use to describe Cooper the Brown it would be "Genuine Article" The debut CD  is a very entertaining indeed, but actually it transcends words I type. The Bottom Line In this world of overly corporate musical entertainment it's nice to know that there are  artists out there like Copper The Band who represent everything music is supposed to be.


Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic





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