Genre: Hard Rock, Progressive Rock

Sounds like: Candlebox, Van Halen, White Lion 

The Good Top flight musicianship, solid vox

The Bad Dated Mix, Marketability

The Ugly Dude modernize your sound

The Band 4 out of 5

The Music 3 out of 5

The Songs 3 out of 5

The Vibe 3out of 5

The Production 3 out of 5

The Verdict 3.5 out of 5




The Artist I recently checked out the latest EP from New York's Eight Feet Deep comprised of 2 core members. Billy 'Pills' Fridrich - lead and rhythm guitars, bass, drum programming; Mike DiMeo Ė vocals


The band 2 piece line up. I would say the band possesses above average to advanced Hard Rock, Progressive Rock playing abilities. Timing is spot on within the genera. Fridrich can hold his own on the guitar & other aspects of the production with tones & rhythms that remind me allot of Van Halen's second release. Singer DiMeo just makes the whole thing work bringing allot of mojo to the table. H These 2 musical weapons can be a force to be reckoned with. Vocals from DiMeo work within the confines of this music.He's got a solid rock R&B Edge to his vocals. The music possesses a heavy metal to hard rock stigma. All in all great workout music. Definitely high adrenalin rock with a late eighties, early nineties flair. will remind you of classic Firehouse, Candlebox, Cinderella, Van Halen, & White Lion. All in all great music to work out or party to. The songs Simply put - hard rock boogie grooves with a side of R&B. All pieces are progressive & dynamic delivering aggressive guitar attack against solid low end punch. The vibe Overall very upbeat, with lots of wisdom. Has itís shares of happy & sad moments. The production Not the most polished sounding production I've ever come across, however Eight Feet Deep manage to make their point via this 4 song collection. Overall this EP has it's moments. The good Honorable mentions go out to the above average playing & Singing abilities from both members. Honorable mentions go out to the vocal presence of DiMeo & the musical foundation laid for him by Billy 'Pills' Fridrich. I think it's obvious who the brainchild of the musical project is. Folks out there who enjoy Hard Rock with a early nineties flair will fall head over heals with this CD. The bad Not the most polished sounding production I've ever come across. But perhaps that is what Eight Feet Deep was aiming for with this late 80's vibe. We've seen artists like Lenny Kravitz & Al Green do this, why not Eight Feet Deep? CD sounds like itís stuck in the 80ís with a Hair Metal vibe that just isn't as popular as it used to be. There are powerful bands out there nowadays who have made the successful transition. The ugly Eight Feet Deep should consider doing the same & modernizing their sound a bit for the next CD. 


The verdict From beginning to end Eight Feet Deep will not only keep you on the edge of you seat, but will melt your face off in the process The Bottom Line If you need high octane music to work out to - look no further. 


Markus Druery

Indieshark Music Critic




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